Thursday, January 29, 2009


I have recently found out that Taiger and I need to be immunized to travel to Ghana. For personal reasons, I have not immunized Taiger, and I don't have all of my immunizations. This is a new obsticle in our way, but not one that I am willing to to allow to change our goal of helping the children of Luckyhill. We will figure out a way to either get immunized (perhaps with the immunizations specially prepared without mercury, or with receiving special treatments to reduce the murcury left in the body, etc.), or we will figure out a way to help from America. Something will work out. I know with prayer and faith, all things are possible. The entire reason I am wanting to go to Luckyhill is because I felt that is where God wanted Taiger and I. I have faith either He will figure out a way for us to get there, or He will make His will known so I can do as He wants. In the meantime, we have been informed that the nights are very cold at Luckyhill and the children have no warm clothes or blankets. The mothers adopting from there have rallied and are sending blankets to Luckyhill. I, too, am going to send what I can. I worry about the children at Luckyhill. I hope a blanket I send will bring someone warmth and the knowledge they are LOVED. If anyone wants to donate a blanket, please let me know! Also, blankets can be purchased within Ghana for about five dollars. If you would like to instead donate money to purchas a blanket, let me know.

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