Monday, October 10, 2011


I have written and erased this blog so many times. I just don't know how to say what I am feeling and thinking. Please bear with me as I try. I have a good friend in China. She has been my friend for over 10 years! I call her my "sister", because I care about her that much. Lately, I had a feeling she needed my help. I couldn't call her from my house phone, but I felt desperate to contact her. While I was in China this last time, I went to visit her. Her life was terrible when I lived in China, but it is just as bad (if not worse!) than it was when we first met. I cannot tell you her whole story here, nor can I adequately express how much I love this girl. I know you would love her, too, if you met her. She is kind and loving and giving. She has nothing. She is poor. Really, honestly poor. But she is happy all the time, and would give you anything she has, even if it is her only treasure with no hope of ever again buying something so wonderful. I have seen her give away her shirt when she only had one other. She would sacrifice her life for someone she loves. She may live in a country where Christianity is not recognized, but she is one of the most Christ-like people I know. When I saw her, she was in a dire situation. She and her husband were working at a factory in Southern China, and were living in the factory compound. The two of them shared the bottom bunk of a bunk bed, in a cold, cement room with seven other beds. Their bed, with only a piece of plywood where a mattress aught to be, was their only space in the room, so all of their belongings are kept on the bed. They have no warm running water. They have no washer to clean their clothes. They clean themselves with a hose. But the worst part of their lives is that they have a 5 year old daughter who lives far away with her grandmother. Katie and her husband work seven days a week with very (VERY!) little pay, and so can only manage to go visit their daughter once a year, and that only if they have managed to save enough money over the year for the train tickets (about $15.00 each). Katie and her husband love their little girl so much! They long to be with her. They are trying to save enough money to move to the city where she lives. They wish to open a shop there so they can work and afford to live near their daughter. Can you imagine having a 5 year old daughter you have only seen a handful of times? And yet they love her with all their hearts. When Taiger and I visited them, they held Taiger and snuggled him and bought him little candies with the last of their money, and they loved on him, and all the while they talked and talked of their little girl who was the same age, and I could see in their pained eyes that their arms longed to hold her and kiss her and be with her. A few days ago, I figured out how to call Katie from skype. It was such a blessing to talk to her. To hear her voice. I told her I have some money to send her, and she cried. I told her I want to help her get the money to move north to be with her daughter and she cried. She is desperate. So, dear friends, I am here to ask for your help for Katie. I am here to be her advocate. I am here to be her voice. I am here to speak for one who cannot speak for herself. I am here to BEG for your help. Katie is saving every tiny bit of money she gets so she can have enough to move and live with her daughter. But she cannot do it alone. She is trying! She is really, really trying. But I know on her salary, she will never make it. SO...lets help. Lets all help get Katie and her husband back with their little girl. Will you please help? Please??

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Bryttan said...

You are such a great person. It is hard for me to even imagine any of this! To wrap my mind around what I am seeing, what I am reading, it hurts to even think about. I will donate everything I can. I pray for Katie and Her sweet family. Thank you for sharing this. I hope that so many people will see this and have their eyes opened.