Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thoughts on Japan, and OPERATION: $3.11

I have been overwhelmed with the events unfolding in Japan. We watch the news for hours each night. It is hard to accept as real. It seems like I am watching a movie, or something from another world, or at least from another time. As I sit in my home, comfortable, safe, warm, with my family around me, I wonder, "Why not me?" How have I somehow been lucky enough to avoid such pain, such an horrific experience. How? Why? I watch the scenes play out on the tv of the water flowing in to the towns and villages, swallowing people, homes, pushing devastation before its wave. "God, why not ME? Why? How have I managed to escape? How?" I love hearing the stories of survival, of humanity at its best as people pull others from the water, the stories of the aid workers. I love seeing the Japanese people working together, carrying the old on their backs away from the devastation. I love the way there has been no looting. The way people wait in line for basic necessities without fighting, stampeding, hurting one another. I saw a picture as a soldier stood and prayed with a woman. It stopped my breath. It was indescribably beautiful. It was heartbreaking. It was raw. It was seeing Christ's hands and feet on Earth. Anyway, those are my feelings on these tragic and unbelievable events. Please join us as we continue to pray for the people in Japan. One of our amazing team members, Blake, came up with a fantastic idea to raise money to send to help Japan and he invited us to be a part of it! In memory of the day of the earthquake and tsunamis, March 11, Blake is asking everyone he knows to donate $3.11 So, thanks to Blake (and his great ideas), Sixteen Small Stones has launched OPERATION: $3.11. You can mail donations to the address posted on the left side of this page, or you can donate via paypal by clicking the paypal button, also on the left sidebar. I am certain many of you have sent money to Japan, or are praying for Japan, and I am awed at the kindness of everyone pulling together in love and concern for Japan. You are all wonderful, caring people, serving the children of God and setting a beautiful example to me of service. Please comment and share your thoughts on what is happening in Japan. I would love to hear your perspectives. Love you all!

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