Saturday, January 29, 2011

Valentines to go to China!!

SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just heard back from the communications directer at Half The Sky Foundation! They have a program at the orphanage in Hainan where Taiger and I volunteered. I had emailed them to confirm an "okay" about sending valentines to the orphans there. She said she thought it was, and I quote, "a lovely idea"! Can you believe that?! "LOVELY"! I was so worried they would say we could not send them for one reason or another (and I would have completely understood that! I mean, what if someone sent valentines that could somehow harm the children....I don't know what kind of valentine that would be, but I am just saying!), but no! She thinks it is a good idea!
So...what does all this mean? It means something so amazing and overwhelming and HUGE! It means that in just over one month's time, we need to collect (are you ready for this?)
ONE THOUSAND more valentines.
I am not kidding, people. One. Thousand.
Just take a breath for a second.
You good?
Because this is the truly amazing part. The part that will make your knees go all soft and your heart turn to jell-o.
This also means that GOD loves those children. He knows them. They are HIS children. He knows each of their names. He knows that one likes noodles while another likes rice. He knows that one likes to play with the doll while the other likes the ball. He knows the one that cried yesterday. He knows the one that laughed today. He. KNOWS. them. AND? HE LOVES THEM. He loves them SO MUCH that he would send US to send them cards of love! He loves them so much that he would inspire the directer of communications at Half The Sky to allow us to send valentines to the children. He loves them so much that I can have faith that 1,000 valentines will will be provided.
This is a picture of the front of the orphanage in Hanan!
(Taking pictures inside the orphanage, or of the children, was --understandably-- not allowed.)

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KayleighS said...

posting on my blog! How can people send the valentines or where too? I'd love to get people all joined in! Good luck!!