Monday, December 6, 2010

Back From China

WE ARE BACK!!!!! Taiger and I have returned to America. We are still trying to get over jet-lag, but I wanted to post and let everyone know we are back! I want to post a HUGE THANK YOU to the members of our Sixteen Small Stones board who kept things going while I was gone. It was a rough journey and we had a lot of time where I could not access the internet, and therefore was completely out of touch with everyone in America, including members of our board, our partner homes, etc. I hated being "out of the loop", but I never worried a second that things would be taken care of in my absence. Thank you all for your hard work! You are amazing! Also, THANK YOU to EVERYONE for your positive thoughts and prayers. They were truly felt and appreciated more than you can imagine. There were some really hard times and times when we were in less than safe situations. Your prayers brought strength to push through the hard times, and safety in times of danger. Thank you all so very, very much!!

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B-Blogit said...

hurray and welcome back!