Friday, June 5, 2009

Happiness and Happy

I don't know really what to say or how to say it. My heart is broken by Happy! Really! In so many ways, that just sounds so right. That is how God wants it...for us to be broken with happiness. After all, men are that we might have joy. That is one of our reasons for being here. But the "Happy" I am talking about is not happiness, but rather a little girl named Happy. She was only alive for four months, and in that time she suffered greatly. She only weighed four pounds when she died. She had a hole in her heart and I believe she felt and understood great things. When her Mother brought her to Katie ( she was barely clinging to life. Katie did all she could for her in the 72 hours between the time she met her and the time Happy went to Heaven. In those 72 hours, great things were accomplished through this little, TINY girl. Doctors from around the world were contacted about Happy, and they spoke of Happy in a meeting with doctors from every corner of the globe. These doctors were moved to action by this little girl, and they were making plans to improve medical care in Uganda, where Happy was from. Many doctors wrote to Katie to tell her how Happy had changed them, had broken their hearts in some way. So a little girl with a broken heart, was able to break the hearts of others for good. From all over the world, people have been writing to tell Katie how they have been touched by Happy. Because of Happy, there will be great changes in the world. SO much good will come because of this little girl. There is a great cycle. Someone's pain and death can bring thousands of people joy and life. So Happy changed the world. For four months, she was in pain and felt suffering. But she was loved greatly by those around her. Her mother, who wept at her death, I think must have rejoiced in her birth. For four months, there must have been great pain and sorrow. But in the last 72 hours of her life, she brought about greater change in the world than many or most of us will bring about in our 82 years of life. In the last 72 hours of life, she caused changes that will bring much happiness to the world. More happiness than maybe she felt in the four months of her life. So, although her life was full of pain and sorrow, Happy was aptly named.

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cockadoodledooley said...

This blog is amazing Brec! I am so happy this is still one of your passions after all these years. You are a gifted writer & the story of Happy touched me deeply. I am so excited to follow this blog. You are such an amazing, caring, loving person! I love ya!